I'm a VIP from Singapore!I love all of Big Bang's songs and all of them especially GD,which is also the reason why I created this blog.

If you are wondering why is my blog of G-Dragon's pictures,well you've come to right place!This blog is a fan blog of G-Dragon as I am a HUGE FAN of his like a hardcore one,and so I thought as a fan of his I would usually wanna watch the shows that he has been on and what is happening to him and so on.
I was always unable to find shows with English of him especially the older variety shows he was on,so I created this blog to help fans like me to find those videos easier!
Another reason why I created this blog was to post pictures and talk about him,basically this blog is dedicated to him & Big Bang!
If you have any enquires you can always comment down below to ask me any questions and I will most probably answer you!