Big Bang on Running Man 2012

5:07 am

Big Bang's first appearance on Running man during 2012 after releasing their new album 'ALIVE'.The Big Bang special was split into 2 episodes..

Running Man x Big Bang Ep 84 Eng Sub: Full HD | Full HD | Full HD

Running Man x Big Bang Ep 85 Eng Sub: Full HD Full | Full HD 

Spoilers down below!!

In both episodes,they played the 'Hide n Seek' game and Big Bang played defense in the first round,while Running Man attacked.

Thus,Running Man won the first round.

In episode 85(second round),Big Bang attacked while Running Man played defense.

Instead,Big Bang won this round.

A final round was played with GaeYang(Gary) & TaeYang in it due to tie in scores.Though Running Man was experienced,TaeYang won the final round,bringing victory to Big Bang! 

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