Big Bang on Running Man 2015

7:18 am

Big Bang as guests on the SBS's variety show,Running Man,for their comeback with their newly released album, "MADE",on episode 250.

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Spoilers down below!!

This episode has 2 different themes,team Running Man are Joseon-era merchants,while team Big Bang are Roman gladiators.Both teams will race to see who will be able to return to their respective timelines or stay in the present.

At their first destination had a mat with various sized gears,all moving at a different speed.Both teams have to run across the moving gears on the ground when the PD calls out a time.And at the end of the moving gears is a plastic wrap where they have to smash their faces through it and say the same number of cuckoos as the time that the PD called out.

The first race was won by team Big Bang,which had advantages since Kkuk was in their team.And Team Big Bang also got to pick between 2 cards,since they won,while Team Running man got the leftovers :(

At the second destination,a stream,where both teams have to play a 5 v 5 sponge basket ball(which gets heavy when submerged in water) with the first to get 15 goals to win.

And to me,this second mission was the funniest part of the episode where many many comedies happened...!

With this second mission,Team Running Man won by a point ahead,also by cheating a little...

And at the final destination,at where they did their intro,a race track.Both teams will have to race each other and at every checkpoint, the cards they previously picked are related to the mini missions,either an advantage or disadvantage,depending on their luck.


And after all the checkpoints,there will be a single car which will only allow one team to go back to their respective timelines and one team will be left behind in the present time.

In the end,Team Big Bang got onto the car first,leaving behind Team Running man,and also winning the race!:) 

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