TaeYang on The Return Of Superman

12:49 am

TaeYang appeared on KBS's "The Return Of Superman",as a guest,visiting Haru and Tablo's house.

He also appeared on 2 of the earlier episodes on The Return Of Superman,16 & 28.

Taeyang x Haru Episode 16 Eng subbed: Full HD | Full HD [Big Bang's cut @ 0:52:05]

Taeyang x Haru Episode 28 Eng subbed: Full HD Full HD [Taeyang's cut @ 1:37:00]

The Return of the Superman ep 55 & 56 Taeyang full cute subbed: Full HD |

Taeyang x Haru ep 55 subbed: Full HD | Full HD [Taeyang's cut @ 45:05]

Taeyang x Haru ep 56 subbed: Full HD Full HD [Taeyang's cut @ 9:49]

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